Building Future Food Leaders

The world is producing more food than ever. Yet, a world in which people have access to healthy and nutritious food produced in a manner that ensures food security now and in the future, is further away than ever. The current food system is not only unequal, the quality of what is produced and made available to consumers is also far from adequate from a human and planetary perspective.

This calls for radical, disruptive and innovative approaches to design our future food system. Approaches where experts meet with consumers, artists and designers. And where newgenerations take the lead in design the future of food. Social innovations have shown that knowledge and solutions brought from different perspectives can provide new angles and innovative solutions. And so can new technological innovations as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches. As Yoyo Yogasmana, Indonesian artist and initiator of the Urban/Rural Platform for Creativity & Innovation remarked “Revisiting the past can help us see the glimpse of our future.”

SFYN Tank at Terra Madre

9 issues and 99 young participants, those are the two ingredients for a day long social-design workshop at the Terra Madre event in Turin, Italy, Saturday 24 September. Together with the participants, the Slow Food Youth Network and Hivos, innovate solutions to social food problems! Read more about the programme here.

Dutch Desing Week 

Hivos, together with IIED, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week addressed the intertwined and complex issues around our global food system. They challenged policymakers, experts, creative practitioners and scientists to reflect upon the processes of food production, – consumption, and distribution. Read more about this programme here.