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SFYN Tank: think up solutions to food issues

From 22- 26 September 2016 change makers from all parts of the world, and from all parts of the food chain, will come together at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto in Turin, Italy, to re-design the future of food. On 24 September, Hivos, together with Food Hub and The Slow Food Youth Network, organise a dedicated event for the young participants; SFYN-Tank. In this SFYN-tank their creative minds, experiences in food and backgrounds will be utilised to find new solutions for challenges in the current food system.

The SFYN-Tank is a full-day social design workshop. The event brings together  99 young food professionals who will join forces with designers to employ a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses research, storytelling, idea-generation, and prototyping with a critical design eye to solve nine social issues that our food system faces. These issues vary from shifting our idea of seafood consumption to democratizing food communication. Through open-exchange of expertise, out-of-the-box thinking, and a design approach, new tangible solutions can be found.

Although the focus is on the SFYN-Tank, there will be several informal sessions. These sessions are designed in such a way that they are informative and leave room to exchange experience in organizing projects and events. All with the aim to find and educate the change makers that will accelerate the transition to a more good, clean and fair food system.

In conclusion, personal leadership, interdisciplinair exchange of expertise and knowledge and finding new solutions are key words in these eventful days. By offering the (young) visitors of the event this programme they will be provided with tools, skills and courage to develop their own projects to find and stimulate the change makers that will become the future leaders of the food system.

For more information about the programme visit SFYN Tank, the Food Hub or follow us on twitter.

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