Where citizens shape a green and inclusive food system

Food systems are changing, driven by urbanization, trade, climate change and shifts in consumption. Policy and practice at local, national and global levels can shape these trends in support of food and nutrition security, and the environment. Sometimes these changes are well-intended efforts to provide the seven billion citizens of the world with available, affordable and nutritious food.  But too often these policies are imposed in ways that do not consider the everyday issues facing low-income citizens; nor the solutions that the same local communities can suggest. The people most familiar with what food insecurity looks like in their communities are left out of the debate.

One of the big questions therefore is how citizens will be involved in the food systems of the future.  This is why Hivos and IIED have partnered to take a social innovation or “change lab” approach that will put citizens at the centre of finding solutions to food challenges. Hivos and IIED are convinced that if citizen-driven processes and locally formulated new approaches were to be integrated in global food policies, this could radically improve inclusive and sustainable solutions.

Food Change Labs

Food is not just the domain of experts. We as human beings, as citizens, consumers, or parents can make choices that promote a healthy and sustainable future.

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